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Wholesale E-Liquids
Premium E-Liquids | Mob Liquid, AfterBurn, Cream E Clouds, Zola Juice

Welcome to the Flavor Vapors wholesale e-liquid website! We specialize in creating high quality e-liquids for retail vapor outlets. We have some of the best e-liquids around and can't wait for you to try them! Our delicious, unique flavors are never diluted and always contain pure PG/VG and nicotine at requested levels from 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. Choose from any of our premium lines or from our standard Flavor Vapors line. Our gourmet e-liquid flavors are hand-mixed and sampled until perfection. We specialize in creating signature flavors, mixed only by Flavor Vapors, and once we have our flavors perfected, we are consistent on making them identical.

Private Labeling
Private Label E-Liquids

Create your own brand! Flavor Vapors makes it easy and cost-effective for vape stores to create and sell their own e-liquid brand. Name your brand, submit your label artwork, and create your flavors. It's that simple. Choose from over 130 high quality, existing flavors, submit a recipe, submit a bottle of an existing flavor to be cloned, or name a new flavor for us to create and we'll create it. Our in-house team meticulously formulates your brand all the way from the initial mix to bottling, labeling, and packaging your e-liquids. You can also choose between premium labels or white labels and any glass bottle colors for your private label line. Need labels created? No problem. Our team will create them for you! Use our intuitive menu to create your new private label line within minutes!

Clean Room Environment
Clean Room Environment | E-Liquid Manufacturing

All of our e-liquids are mixed and bottled in a clean room environment meeting the most stringent of food service sanitation regulations. Our mixers are equipped with lab coats, hair nets, goggles, and gloves during the mixing process to ensure the pristine cleanliness of your e-liquids and the safety of our employees. Our lab is thoroughly prepared for any impending FDA regulations that may be imposed upon the e-liquid industry in the future. We stand by our quality and our clean room ensures that your e-liquids are always mixed and bottled with extreme care and meticulous detail.

Quality Ingredients
Quality E-Liquid Ingredients | VG/PG, Nicotine

Our ingredients include USP certified, kosher vegetable glycerin and USP certified propylene glycol, artificial and natural flavoring, and U.S. pharmaceutical-grade nicotine (when requested). All of our flavorings are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. We do not add artificial dye, artificial color, alcohol or water to our e-liquids. We believe in using the highest quality ingredients in our e-liquids. That's how we have the best tasting e-liquids on the market!